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Hello World!

Programming jokes aside, I’ve had the domain since 1998 and it’s been a bit of a grab-bag ever since.

Currently, this blog is a happy mash-up of all my hobbies and interests into one Mega-Blog of Martha-flavored whimsy. My posting habits and frequency are dictated by said whims, so I apologize for the topic whiplash, but it’s a bit of a wild ride at times.

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I’m a Writer – So beware the wild Saturday Story Prompts, Daily Snippits, and various Online Stories!

I’m an Artist – And thus apt to Commit Art at the drop of the hat, resulting in Custom Model Horses, Plaster Casting/Silicone Mold Making and other fancy stuff.

I’m a Hobby Microbusiness Owner – Which leads to accounting spreadsheets and taxes and cost vs. profit calculations, which will hopefully be amusing and helpful. (But mostly amusing.)

I’m a Treadmill Gamer – Yup, that means I play video games at 2mph (and sometimes 3)! So I post about that and World of Warcraft and whatever else I happen to be playing at the moment.

And last of all, I’m a Martha – And apt to chase random tangents that fit none of the above!

I’m just shy of ten years worth of content (sporadic though it might be), so pick a topic, feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to find you some answers! 🙂