Model Horse Dressage References

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Traditional Scale Model Horse Dressage Fence - One Section Combo - with Model

Welcome to my personal model dressage reference cheat sheet! (If you came here looking for real horse stuff— I have links to vendors to those folks below.)

As I research the various options, I’m going to expand this post with links to real life references (and summaries). I’ll have separate posts where I get into the details of how to convert real life into scale models.

Basic Dressage Fence Rules

  • Fencing should be white
  • Letters should be black on a white background
  • The enclosure itself must consist of a low fence about 0.3 meters high and must be completely enclosed, except for the entrance at “A” (USEF)
    • British rules allow for intermittent white boards placed at each corner and opposite each marker
  • Except for the letter “A”, the letters outside the enclosure should be placed about 0.5 meters from the fence and clearly marked. So that the judges can note the exact point on the track opposite each letter, it is compulsory to place a marker on the fence itself, level with and in addition to the letter concerned. It is not permitted to place the letters on the arena fence, however, one-sided (flat) letters may be placed on the wall of an indoor arena when such an arena is permitted under (7) through (9) below. The letter A should be placed at least five meters away from the arena. (USEF)
  • The court fencing should be visible to the horse and sturdy enough to resist displacement, while remaining safe.
    • For example, arena stakes, if used, must be covered with a ball or similar object.
  • Rope or unbreakable chain fencing is not allowed, and the chain must be pulled tight enough to be 18” off the ground so the horse’s feet cannot become entangled.
  • The arena, including the letters, may be decorated with flowers and greenery but not distracting or frightening to the horses.

Real Life Dressage Vendors

One thing I’ve found helpful is to find people that sell real-life versions of the props I’m trying to build. Normally, they have great reference photos and dimensions!

Burlingham Sports

Adams Horse and Pet Supply


Premier Equestrian

  • Sundance Dressage Arenas
    • square(ish) bases with channel for rails
    • 1.5″ x 5.5″ rails
    • standard 4 meter rails
    • short rail version 9′ 3.5″ rails
    • 12” tall x 16” base width
    • Top of rail is 12″ from ground
  • Wellingon
    • 12” tall x 15” base width
    • Top of rail is 12″ from ground
  • Brentina Dressage Arenas
    • A-frame design, one side has three narrow rails, the other has two wide
    • Cone: 15.5″ tall x 18″ base
    • Rail Height: 15″
    • Rail Dimension: 7/8″x6″ or 7/8″x3″, 4 meters long

Reference Photos

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