Saturday Story Prompts [2022.12.31]

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1. “So, do you know how the world will end?” He looked down the loom as her magic worked the shuttle and beaters. Threads of life floated up from the baskets as needed, weaving themselves into the ever-changing patterns.

“Yes,” she said without apology. “But you won’t see it here. This loom weaves the present, not the future.”

2. Statistically, he knew they were safer on a spaceship than a submarine, but he preferred the comforting pressure of the sea.

3. Aunt Carol always brings her famous deviled eggs to potlucks… and Uncle Philo brings Aunt Carol.

4. The pipes ping and shrill as they turn the airship into the storm, forcing the winds down through the narrowing metal and into the magical engine below.

5. Generations rise and fall before the dragon has taught them enough to return him to the stars.


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The pipes ping and shrill as they turn the airship into the storm. Saturday Story Prompt. December 31, 2022
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