Saturday Story Prompts [2022.12.24]

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1. The beast is massive and ancient — even floating in the emptiness of space, the feeling of speaking to a mountain remains.

2. “A good library,” she always insisted, “had to have nooks.” Hers was infested with small quiet places just big enough for one person to curl up with a book (and possibly a cat).

3. Fourteen sheep made a solid offering when the King’s Herds came through the valley, gathering the yearly tithe. Not as fancy as three cows, to be sure, but well above the six goats their neighbors managed.

4. Incoming laser volleys scatter against the shields in a rainbow of thwarted fury.

5. He hadn’t meant to fail the test, but history dates always get muddled in his head and Mr. Tyler always writes the multiple choice answers so close that they all seem correct.


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A good library, she always insisted, had to have nooks. Saturday Story Prompt. December 24, 2022
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