Saturday Story Prompts [2022.12.10]

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1. “I used to talk to the wind when I was a child,” she said as she watched the storm building on the horizon. “I wish I’d noticed when it stopped listening.”

2. Family drama is an inescapable constant. If it’s not the cousins feuding, it’s the great-aunts, all goaded into action by a matriarch who lives for “solving” conflicts.

3. With a single word, the war was lost. Hidden acorns unfurling into mighty oaks from one heartbeat to the next as the Deep Forest consumed the battlefield– taking the king and his army with it.

4. The rumble of the laundromat settles over him in comforting familiarity; for a moment, he can pretend the last few hours were just a fever dream.

5. The full face of the second sun is unveiled for a single day every sixty-four years. Only three of us have lived to see it twice.


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With a single word, the war was lost. Saturday Story Prompt. December 10, 2022
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