Saturday Story Prompts [2022.10.15]

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1. They dart between solar systems as fast as the engines allow, desperately searching for any traces of the kidnapper’s ship. It only takes a few minutes to run the magical dowsing spells, but with each failure, they fall further and further behind.

2. “This is your mess, you clean it up.”

“I can’t– why else would I be here?”

3. She lingers in the updated kitchen, trying to reconcile the clean empty sweep of modern countertops with bittersweet memories of a dilapidated, but well-loved, childhood.

4. Seven is a lucky number, which makes seven sevens luckier still. But being forty-nine and going on adventures doesn’t have quite the same thrill as it did when I was young. Still, at least this time I remembered to pack a change of clothes along with the magic flute.

5. Pale yellow moss has slowly taken over the stone walls of the old well-house, as if nature felt the need to make a half-hearted effort in reclaiming what it had lost in his absence.


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She lingers in the updated kitchen. Saturday Story Prompt. October 15, 2022
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