Saturday Story Prompts [2022.10.01]

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1. He learns at a very young age that he can build things better blind than he can with his eyes open. If he’s looking at what he’s doing, his brain fights his knack and the magic falters.

2. Snow in the forecast is french toast weather. Lines at the grocery store stretch out into the aisles, full of grumpy superstitious souls ladened with eggs, milk, and bread to weather the storm.

3. I always knew you’d find me, the note said in wobbling lines and drunken loops. I just thought I’d still be here when you did.

4. There’s no plural word for dragon in their language. It’s a title as much as it is a description and it takes no modifiers like young or old, gender or species. For them dragon is the elder wrym that lives within the lake, immortal, unchanging, and unique. Nothing she says can convince them otherwise.

5. When most engineers say their ship runs on hope and fairy dust, they’re joking, but the Bonnie Wraith has something more than fusion cores in her engine bay.


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I always knew you'd find me, the note said in wobbling lines and drunken loops. I just thought I'd still be here when you did. Saturday Story Prompt. October 1, 2022
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