Saturday Story Prompts [2022.09.17]

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1. Magic, he realized in slow horror, was just science with the rules turned off.

2. On the balcony, the music and smothering rumble of conversation fades to a murmur. It’s possible to pretend, for a fleeting moment, that all of this is just some fever dream.

3. Seconds after they arrive, the rendezvous point is filled with tiny shuttles zipping back and forth between the massive ships, ferrying people and possessions.

4. “It’s just ice cream–“

“It’s not just ice cream! You do this every single time. You never think about other people! We’re afterthoughts, if that, and I’m sick of it.”

5. As night falls they pool their resources to find a way home. Mike’s keys can’t find the car this far away, Heather’s bracelet imp can’t get a proper prophesy signal closer than a week out, and June’s cell phone is an economy model–the dowsing spells are limited to water, gas stations, and emergency services.


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On the balcony, the music and smothering rumble of conversation fades to a murmur. Saturday Story Prompt. September 17, 2022
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