Saturday Story Prompts [2022.02.19]

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1. There’s a lull in the concert as they frantically try and fix the sound system. The opening act is seasoned pros and they take the loss in stride. Keeping the crowd entertained and engaged until things are sorted and the headliners swing in to steal the glory.

2. She’d expected the moonless nights to be pitch black, but the planet’s sky is streaked with dancing swaths of color where the magnetosphere alights.

3. I’m pretty sure the three women in 5C are actually the Fates, but the eldest one keeps glaring at me when I come down the hall so I’m too terrified to ask.

4. Black cats have nine lives to spend, that much is true, but it’s not their lives that pay the ferryman’s tolls.

5. “Have you ever wanted to just– stop?” He looked down at his drink, playing with the stirrer. “Just ghost it all and start over again somewhere else. Be someone else?”


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Black cats have nine lives to spend, that much is true, but it's not their lives that pay the ferryman's tolls. Saturday Story Prompt. February 19, 2022
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