Last Steps

Too Old For Neverland'verse - Martha Bechtel - Blog

Wordcount: 100 words
Rating/Warnings/Genre: PG, Gen, Urban/High Fantasy
‘Verse: Too Old for Neverland
Summary: Every step is a choice.

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There’s a path that winds through night-dark woods, that runs from everywhere and everywhen and ends at the gates of Neverland. Only it’s no more just Neverland than Campana’s just a car– it’s Away, in all its forms, a constant inconsistency of truths.

The children who’ve followed Peter without regrets, throw open the gates with glee. 

But some…

Some stop a heartbeat from those cold iron doors and take a faltering step back into the dark.

So Peter leaves them.

There are worse eternities than living in those woods and someday, if they’re lucky, Wendy will come call them Home.

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