Saturday Story Prompts [2022.01.01]

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1. The weapon is made for longer palms and six-jointed fingers, it takes them several tries (and two injuries) before they figure out how to fire it reliably.

2. “Helps if you close your eyes,” he offered. “Don’t know why, it’s too dark to see anyways, but it does.”

3. They label the brownies ‘dangerous parasitic magic’, which is insulting no matter how you look at it.

4. The front lawn is carefully tended and immaculate, kept in lockstep with the rest of the neighborhood. The backyard is… not.

5. She can feel death creeping along her spine and she begins the notes of her Last Song, hoping against hope that somehow they’ll be able to save her in time. It’s a long song, she’s led a long life and she’s honoring every moment, but the final chorus comes and she’s still alone.


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They label the brownies ‘dangerous parasitic magic', which is insulting no matter how you look at it. Saturday Story Prompt. January 1, 2022
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