Saturday Story Prompts [2021.12.18]

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1. Her granddaughter is the first to step out onto the grass of New Earth, a testament to her sacrifice.

2. The fight to keep the wild boars out of the crops turns into an all-out war as they booby trap the windbreaks and banks of the irrigation ditches.

3. “It will hurt less if you hold still,” chided the harpy as she dipped her talons in the ink.

4. Sacred white horses born in the temple stables can only be ridden by kings, it is so and has always been so.

5. He drove wagons before cars existed and pilots a spaceship now… he’ll helm whatever comes next until the stars fade out. Fate had given him a choice, all those years ago and he’d accepted immortality as the price for being the one to bring lost souls safely home.


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"It will hurt less if you hold still," chided the harpy as she dipped her talons in the ink. Saturday Story Prompt. December 18, 2021
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