Saturday Story Prompts [2021.12.11]

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1. “You can be proud or you can survive,” she said through the locked door. “Just– just don’t take the kids down with you. Maybe you deserve this, but they don’t.”

2. The shattered glass of the containment unit has turned to puddles near the center of the explosion, reflecting distorted echoes of the bright seafoam flames and the writhing mass of something at its core.

3. His magic doesn’t work on computers so when the android’s eyes flip from red to green he’s more startled than the cops.

4. The week-long tides run for miles inland, turning most of the continents into desiccated sand flats that spout to life as soon as the sea hits them.

5. He stares at me through the windows when the moon is new. Translucent and pale, full of a sorrow too deep to bear, he wears an ancient face that’s damningly familiar.

I don’t know why he’s there, he won’t answer me no matter what I try, but now I’m terrified of growing older.


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His magic doesn't work on computers so when the android's eyes flip from red to green he's more startled than the cops. Saturday Story Prompt. December 11, 2021
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