Saturday Story Prompts [2021.12.04]

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1. Every scientific test they bring to bear insists the aliens should be sentient but they’re just subtly not in ways that baffle the xenobiologists.

2. Four people were there when I earned my scars and now three of them are dead.

3. They tear apart the ruins of the house and come up with a change of clothes. The sweatshirt’s too large and the jeans are a size too small, but they’re dry and clean and that’s all that matters.

4. “I caught magic,” she said with a whisper, unwrapping her hand so her mother could see the thin vines of orange that crept up from her fingertips.

5. Courier robots aren’t meant for speech, but the rudimentary AIs have learned to chain their beeps and clicks into musical cues that function well enough. It isn’t until the children start using the ‘excuse me coming through’ tune that someone figures out the game.


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Four people were there when I earned my scars and now three of them are dead. Saturday Story Prompt. December 4, 2021
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