Closing Out the Old Year and Planning the New

NaNoWriMo 2021 - Borrowed Wings - Wordcount Stats

I pulled off a win with this year’s NaNoWriMo in my normal non-traditional fashion. There was lots of worldbuilding, story outlining, character exploration, and plot hole troubleshooting for Borrowed Wings… and not a lot of ‘normal’ prose. But it did give me a nice full sandbox to play in for when I come back to the draft in January!

On that note, I’ve been sitting down and trying to plan out my writing goals for next year.

Right now the projects I have on the planning board are:

  • Get back in the habit of daily #vss365‘s
  • Reformat all the 31 Days of ebooks so they are consistant in content and layout
  • Create printable workbooks for all of the 31 Days of ebooks for my shop and Etsy
  • Reformat all of the existing Yearly Saturday Story Prompt collection ebooks
  • Create all of the missing Yearly Saturday Story Prompt collection ebooks
  • Check how many yearly collections would need to be combined to create a decent-sized (and priced) paperback book
  • Create one new 31 Days of ebook a month
  • Finish creating all the missing images and blurbs for the old Saturday Story Prompts
  • Work on reformatting and organizing the fiction archive
  • April Camp NaNoWriMo
  • July Camp NaNoWriMo
  • November NaNoWriMo
  • Create wordcount coloring pages of cute little fat dragons
  • Create printable bullet journal pages for tracking writing projects and time-in-chair/wordcount goals
  • Write and publish Borrowed Wings to the blog (and possibly Wattpad/reddit serials)
  • Finally start up my Patreon with a bunch of behind the scenes stuff for my various writing projects
  • Write other stuff!

How much of this will I actually get done? …Err, some? ๐Ÿ˜…

If I can format/edit one month a day, then I should have a yearly ebook ready every 14 days or so.

If I can format/edit/create one old 31 Days of ebook and workbook a weekend, then I’ll be done with those in 18 weeks (I already have Flames and Magic done).

If I can create on missing SSP image a day, I’ll be done in two months.

I’m hoping to have a relatively consistent churn through them, but I’m also not sure how long everything will actually take. I’ve got some time trials planned out this month, so I should have a better idea before 2022 kicks off for real.

Either way, I’m much more optimistic about this year than I was last year, so here’s hoping we don’t hit another 2020 hiding in the wings…

Martha Bechtel

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