Saturday Story Prompts [2021.11.20]

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1. “Skip the explanations kid, just tell us what to do.” He must look as shocked as he feels because they laughingly wave off his carefully prepared presentation with, “We trust you.”

2. She would do anything to undo those two minutes and the demon knew it.

3. The solar EMP wave fries electronics as it passes, destroying the sunlit underpinnings of the modern world from hardened satellites to coffee makers… riots and fear take the rest.

4. It’s lust at first sight and all their machiavellian plans on corporate domination go out the window, at least for the night.

5. My father’s magic lies in the fields and my Mother’s with the herds, both useful skills on a family farm and ones that have served them well over the years. My own magic is tied to the skies and it’s an unspoken family secret that I won’t be coming home again.


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My father's magic lies in the fields and my Mother's with the herds. Saturday Story Prompt. November 20, 2021
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