Saturday Story Prompts [2021.11.13]

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1. He’d thought the stories of dragons the size of falcons and twice as nimble were just jokes played on the planetborn. But as soon as he stepped out of the transport and into the space station, they were everywhere.

2. “One thing, I asked for one thing and you couldn’t even manage to pretend you cared about me long enough to remember!”

3. The Fates are quiet, watchful things that hover on the edges of comprehension. He can see them from the corners of his eyes, if the shadows are still enough, a trio of cat-like ghosts with golden eyes.

4. Most of the old half-fence comes down easily but the posts are sunk four feet deep and encased in unyielding concrete.

5. She’s always heard the weather as music, certain melodies mean rain, others wind– it’s not something she’s even tried to explain, not where the whisper of witch is as damning as murder. So she hides it behind a lifetime of studying the sky, wrapping up her magics in the veil of science.


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The Fates are quiet, watchful things that hover on the edges of comprehension. Saturday Story Prompt. November 13, 2021
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