Saturday Story Prompts [2021.11.06]

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1. She transitions from spacesuit to formal dress with a tweak of her glamours, covering the respirator and exoskeleton with subtle magic. The spells are empathic and reactive, emulating whatever clothing from the foreign culture that the ambassadors deem appropriate.

2. The office is dull and lifeless, beige and grey, and filled with silent workers who don’t look up as they pass.

3. There’s an impact against the gate they feel more than they hear, the muffled whump out of sync with the wave of force that knocks them off their feet.

4. “Be very, very sure you want to do this,” the alien’s translator growled, warped and stuttering from the heat. One keystroke and the containment would fail completely, sacrificing the ship to the raging chemical fires.

5. He can feel the sickness in the earth beneath him and the anguish of the few plants still struggling to grow.


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The office is dull and lifeless, beige and grey, and filled with silent workers who don't look up as they pass. Saturday Story Prompt. November 6, 2021
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