Saturday Story Prompts [2021.09.11]

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1. She realizes with a start that they’ve used the bones to rebuild the beast. Its skeleton is run through with brass and copper, tubing entwined along the spine and gearwork framing the joints.

2. “Aww, don’t look at me like that! I mean, yeah, you lost and I won, and I’m totally holding you to that bet– but think of it as a happy accident!”

3. Shelves overstuffed with handbags and pocketbooks draw him in with visions of the past and he sinks into the thrift store’s aisles of discarded memories.

4. The rescue beacon drifts across the shipping lanes, a faint echo of beeps calling out to the massive AIs that pilot the unmanned cargo ships. There are subroutines set to catch the cry and automatically echo the song out to the next ship, and the next, until it reaches someone who can help.

5. Pounds are littered with green dragons after hatching season. Most people didn’t want to keep an unlucky color, no matter how expensive the egg, and the rest couldn’t afford to raise a color that grew to the size of a house.


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She realizes with a start that they've used the bones to rebuild the beast. Saturday Story Prompt. September 11, 2021
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