Saturday Story Prompts [2021.09.04]

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1. The memory is hazy and unreliable, hints of a smile and buttercream icing, but it’s all they have left besides the photograph.

2. “You can’t stop me,” she stood on the edge of the railing a heartbeat from falling.

“Then jump,” said Atropos. “You’ll fall, but you won’t die. You’ll drown, but you won’t die. You’ll freeze in the waters and break on the rocks but you won’t die. So go ahead, test me. Jump.”

3. Their handicap is that magic is the answer to every problem, it fixes things that our world made inventions to solve. Cleaning clothes just isn’t a thing there, so there aren’t any irons or washing machines or dryers or detergent or lint brushes. Even the concept seems beyond their ability to grasp.

4. Exact change in one line, credit cards only in the other– for a moment it seems like the universe is dead set against him getting any caffeine that morning.

5. It’s a haphazard conversion, the ship was clearly never meant for coal and the converted burners coat the engine room in soot.


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"You can't stop me," she stood on the edge of the railing a heartbeat from falling. Saturday Story Prompt. September 4, 2021
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