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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Writing quote by Ernest Hemingway

Whelp, as you can tell by the way this post is a day late, things got a little off-track last week.

I got five more of the missing images created for the older Saturday Story Prompts… but no new posts for this year. I did go through and organize which of the existing prompts I was going to use (all the way out through October!) but I didn’t write anything new, so none of them can be checked off as ‘done.’

But it does mean I just need to write two prompts, make an image, and write a blurb to finish off each post. So, progress! 😅

I also didn’t manage to do much other than daydream about how to fix the first episode of Borrowed Wings. I did dump a lot more explanation into the draft, but it slowed the pacing waaaaaay down.

And as Elye’s busy running for his life… that’s not so good.

I’m tempted to do a few posts on the worldbuilding I’m roughing out– the giant circular tree cities, the language quirks, the social strata and job classifications, the flora and fauna… all the things that aren’t writing the story.

I did take a few moments this morning to poke at the actual prose, but I’m still hashing out if I want to stay in third person and how close of a third person I want to be in. Probably time to rewrite it a few different ways and see what sticks. 🤔

I did pick up (and then quickly discard) the idea of writing side stories in the same universe to try and hash out some of the issues I was having. I may as well just commit to some MuseFic if I end up going that route.

I’m still working on finding a good bullet journal layout to keep me on track for writing… hopefully this week will spark some new ideas! 😁

Anywho, onwards!

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