Saturday Story Prompts [2021.08.07]

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1. The dragons rise like pufferfish to the edge of space, using air bladders filled with lighter than air gasses.

2. “They left the lights on again,” she sighed as Danny unlocked the store’s rolling door and tugged it upwards. The new closer had been on the job a week and still couldn’t manage to follow a simple checklist.

3. War has always been a thing that happened to someone else, somewhere else. Even as they scrabbled to survive, he can’t shake the feeling that any moment now he’ll wake up.

4. Construction machines blast the ground clear and level, sterilizing the soil before compacting it to make sure it’s safe to build on, but the computers don’t realize just how deep the local fauna can dig.

5. The tie has the sort of chameleon pattern that plays off whatever else he wears. With grey suits it looks green, with blue suits it looks gray– it’s his favorite and he loves seeing how long it takes new coworkers to notice it’s the one part of his outfit that never changes.


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War has always been a thing that happened to someone else. Saturday Story Prompt. August 7, 2021
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