Saturday Story Prompts [2021.07.31]

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1. My brother remembers nothing about that long summer and for a long time, I pretended I didn’t either.

2. They aren’t dead because they were never alive, trapped on that thin edge of existence in the hollow of a Schrodinger’s field. If you listen, you can hear them in the background radiation of the stars– calling out for help from worlds that have never been.

3. “You are the reason no one comes home for holidays anymore! Not the bad weather. Not the travel headaches. You.”

4. It’s only proper manners to act as if you can’t see through the weaker glamours, not everyone can afford the expensive ones meant for elven eyes as well as human.

5. Someone has spent a lot of time (and what had to be an insane amount of money) to transform the park back into someplace people would want to be. It’s the one thing in his hometown that hasn’t gone to ruin– and no one can tell him why.


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My brother remembers nothing about that long summer and for a long time, I pretended I didn't either. Saturday Story Prompt. July 31, 2021
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