Saturday Story Prompts [2021.07.17]

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1. The battlesuit canopy slides shut with a rusty squeal, but the heads-up displays ignite without hesitation. If they can work it free from the vines, they’ll finally have a chance at survival.

2. Blurry photographs litter the floor just inside the door, a pile of cherished memories that are suddenly, terrifyingly unimportant.

3. Adult wizards are few and far between, a scattered handful of the lucky who developed magic late in life, once their emotions were stable enough to wield the chaos without succumbing.

4. “They lied to you,” he said, “when told you that you were better than us.”

5. The Council spends the bulk of its time debating with the dragons, who prefer a leisurely reaction to the prophecy. To near-immortals, a thousand years of darkness is a slight inconvenience and not worth the fight, but without them, we have no chance of winning.


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"They lied to you," he said, "when told you that you were better than us." Saturday Story Prompt. July 17, 2021
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