Saturday Story Prompts [2021.05.08]

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1. The office is spotless and screams of professional perfection. If only his life was so elegantly organized.

2. When I was little, no one told me my best friend had died, I didn’t seem to notice and they thought it would be too traumatic to chase away a now imaginary friend. Joke’s on them, it’s way more traumatic when you’re twelve and find out you do believe in ghosts.

3. “I used to believe in hard work, but I’ve seen where that gets you– where that got our fathers and our grandfathers. So yeah, I’m picking a new fairy tale to believe in. You should too.”

4. Thankfully, it turns out the worst problem with the planet’s two suns is the havoc it plays with interior designers’ color pallets.

5. He awakes to find the ruins of his arm cradled in machinery that gives him back all he had lost… and more.


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If only his life was so elegantly organized. Saturday Story Prompt. May 8, 2021
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