Weeks 3-4 of Camp NaNoWrimo (NaNoFinMo)

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Needless to say, this attempt at Camp pretty much went off the rails on Week 3 and that losing streak carried over into Week 4. I do get to blame some of the downtime on the second Moderna shot, but for a lot of it I was just… stumped.

I have a solid foundation for the world, the characters, and the plot, but when it came down to getting words on paper for the new draft of Part I– it just didn’t happen and I’m sure why.

I’m still interested in the story and I’ve got those panster-vibes of wanting to get into the weeds and see if the scenes turn out the way I think they will. I want to know what happens next and that’s normally all I need to get the bad first draft to start flowing.

So I’m going to shelve this verse for the moment and try coming back to it another time. I think there might be something wrong that’s causing my subconscious to hesitate and hopefully letting it seep in the back of my brain will bring that problem to the fore.

Or, you know, it’ll sit for another ten years until I once again feel horribly guilty and start working on it. ๐Ÿ˜‚

It was a fun adventure, I learned (and outlined) a lot about the story– I look forward to someday being able to get it out of my head on onto paper!

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