Week 2 of Camp NaNoWrimo (NaNoFinMo)

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This week I finally finished up the overall arc of the story and am now concentrating on breaking things down into books. I want to get Book I drafted out (the new version) so I can see if there are any new threads to help fill in the middles.

I want each Book section to build off the prior one, but have a contained arc/story within it. Which means Book II is pretty much being made up whole-cloth. So, yay?

Day 8

  • Worked out the small inner arcs for each of the four acts of the new story
  • Started digging into ideas for how to rework things so each act has a satisfying start and conclusion even though it’s part of the bigger story.
  • Updated formatting on old parts 40-50

Day 9

  • Ditzed around with ideas, but nothing was working. Got lots of things that I won’t be doing though! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Will make up words tomorrow.
  • Started working on renaming the various fictives… which is much harder than I thought it’d be.
That Don't Impress Me Much - Index card brainstorming for new names

Day 10

  • Heavy-duty brainstorming on Book I. Working out character arcs, conflicts, and resolutions (within the larger arc of the story).
  • Still a little light on ideas for Book II, but there are some ghosts of things I might be able to play with. I need to hammer down Book I first.

Day 11

  • Took a day off.

Day 12

That Don't Impress Me Much - Index card brainstorming for Book I
  • Flame’s backstory warped from a vague idea into a proper embracement of tropes. He’s now setup to be a proper villain for Book I and eventual mentor by Book IV. Victory!
  • Also now I have an idea for a comic on his backstory… and some oracle slang (and thoughts on the cultural adaptions to the gift

Day 13

  • Broke out the index cards and made a card for each day up to the arrival at Oak Grove. Wrote out all the plot points that happened each day and which POV would be covering it.
  • Started to think about better names for the three towns and if maybe it’s someone else who lives in Two Beaches instead of May.
  • Worked out with the map about how far a five-day cart ride from Pine Reaches to Oak Grove would be (about 250 miles) and how fast foxhawks could fly that (five hours).

Day 14

  • Started to put some serious brainstorming into Foxhawk society and what their living spaces/towns would look like. When you have something that’s half-fox and half-hawk– it mucks with that a bit. (Even if they dig the warrens using magic.)
  • Did a little bit of prose, but couldn’t hammer out what the best start to the story will be. I may doodle-draft it via storyboard…
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