Saturday Story Prompts [2021.04.03]

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1. Magic crackles along the railings in reaction to the lightning above.

2. His aunt spent her time knitting socks for the homeless. No matter when they visited, she always had bags of half-finished socks around her rocking chair. Piles of thick warm wool in eye-watering colors that she insisted would lift anyone’s spirits in the bitter cold.

3. “No,” was all the computer said when they knocked on the door. No matter the question, no matter the threat, just– “No.”

4. I always meant to tell her, but it was never quite the right time.

5. The only obvious critter on the planet was a fist-sized amoeba that looked vaguely slug-like. Smaller life forms were abundant, but anything large enough to make it into the amoeba’s diet hadn’t made it any further up the evolutionary ladder.


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I always meant to tell her. Saturday Story Prompt. April 3, 2021
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