Buster (Custom Safari Ltd. TOOB Walking Pony)

Buster - Custom Safari Ltd TOOB Walking Pony - Martha Bechtel - Right

Buster is a Safari Ltd. TOOB walking pony painted in a black tobiano with realistic brown eyes, tan hooves, and a matte finish. I trimmed up his seams a little, removed his logo, and glossed his eyes, but this pony was meant as a fun shelf piece and not a Live (or Photo) Show competitor.

(This is technically a mare mold, but I’m pretending he’s an undercover gelding. For reasons!)

He’s roughly 2.5 inches long and a 1.5 inches high, so bigger than a Micromini or Mini Whinnie (1:64 scale) and smaller than a Stablemate (1:32)– so maybe 1:50ish?

This handsome dude was started in March 2021 and finished April 2021 towards the tail end of my ‘paint ALL the ponies!’ workbench frenzy. I was trying to jumpstart my painting muses and it seems to have done the trick! 😁

Medium: Liquitex White Gesso, DecoArt Americana Acrylics (DA077 Desert Sand, DA163 Honey Brown), Apple Barrel Acrylics (20258 Melted Chocolate, 20503 White, 20504 Black)

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