World of Treadcraft – Week 3

World of Warcraft - Walk ALL the minutes - Treadmill Computer
Walk ALL the minutes!

Week 3 was a holiday week, so I didn’t have high hopes going in– but I was pleasantly surprised! The days I skipped or slowed down were primarily due to headaches instead of just not wanting to walk.

I also had a guildmate point out how to resize the UI (it was greyed out and the text was tiny) so that probably helped a lot with the eyestrain. They awesomely also made me a full set of 30-slot bags so yay for hoarding!

This week I’m leveling Resto Druid Featherpaw and running with addons: SexyMap, Bartender4, ThreatPlates, Pawn, Z-Perl Unit Frames, WeakAuras, GatherMate2.


World of Warcraft - Chicken a Day Keeps the Demons at Bay - Featherpaw
A Chicken a day keeps the Demons at bay!

I wasn’t feeling well, but this time instead of sitting things out I hopped online for a short walk. 27 min at 1.5 mph was a decent stab at things, so I’m happy with it.

I’ve got things set up so there’s very little inertia to start playing. The quests are still entertaining enough that once I start it’s pretty easy to get to roughly 30 min.

Featherpaw: level 26


World of Warcraft - Armor Envy - Featherpaw
Mood: Armor Envy

Got sidetracked so I got started late, but was able to fit in 37 min at 1.5 mph and another level!

I have crazy amounts of sadness with the whole Blue Dragonflight questline. Legion was not a happy expansion by any means but– still. Inevitable extinction for a sentient species is just heartbreaking.

Featherpaw: level 27


World of Warcraft - OSHA Violations - Featherpaw
OSHA Violations

43 min at 1.6 mph and my heart rate before and during is starting to come down a bit. Nice to see some positive change in the numbers and I’m only 2.5 weeks in! ๐Ÿ˜

I’m still getting a level (and a bit) each time I walk, but I don’t know how long that will hold up. I have a feeling once I hit the 30’s things are going to start slowing down.

Featherpaw: level 29


I meant to go walking but a combination of a mild headache and just the general holiday-ness distracted me until it was too late to reasonably walk. Doh!


World of Warcraft - For Want of a Flight Form - Featherpaw
For Want of a Flight Form

62 min at 1.5mph. I slowed down a bit because I had a small headache and by the end of the walk it was a giant headache. Apparently, I need to start hydrating with something other than Diet Coke… (I kid! I kid! Sorta)

I learned how to resize the UI and now everything is a combination of ‘too big’ and ‘just right’. I need to go see if there is a scale setting in X-Perl because it’s just too big to deal with (the settings window overlaps the entire screen).

Featherpaw: level 30


Had enough of a headache that trying to walk and play at the same time was probably going to cause issues, so skipped a day.


World of Warcraft - Just a LaserChicken in the Rain - Featherpaw
Just a Laser Chicken in the rain…

32 min at 1.6 mph, starting out slowly again. As much fun as it is to walk the hour, I need to stick to the smaller runs for a bit. Treadmill gaming is sort of like riding a bike in terms of the ‘don’t fall off’ bits, but it does take some practice to get the muscle memory back up to snuff.

I tried a very short stint at 2mph and it was just too fast to be able to play. But I know I’ve done it before, so slow and steady it is.

It’s odd being in-between bits of lore that I recognize– I’m never quite sure where in the storyline I am. Hopefully playing through this expansion will sort things out a bit!

Featherpaw: level 31

Weekly Sum-up

I keep forgetting I have mining now, but I was forgetting I have skinning earlier– so I suppose it balances out. I picked Balance affinity once I hit 30, so at least I have a few more damage spells to play around with.

It feels all kinds of odd to be leveling a healer outside of dungeons, but once she hits 60 I’m going to swap her off the treadmill and I can do guild runs to refresh. I haven’t seriously played Resto since Lich King so it should be… interesting/.

I find myself itching to play the other alts, but I made a plan to level them one at a time… so… plans! I’ll see how much it drives me nuts in the later levels. ๐Ÿค”


In Other Toons

World of Warcraft - A Tiny Deer of Wrath - Icepaw
A tiny deer… OF WRATH!!

I took some time to work my way through the questlines with Icepaw (Troll Boomkin) and check in on my Winter Veil achievements. There was nothing easy left on the list, so I’ll wait until next year to start working on the harder ones.

I forgot I had to level all my squished toons back up to 10 in order to get the gifts, so I spent a chunk of Friday catching them back up. …I had a lot of old alts under 10. ๐Ÿ˜…

I did a lot of running around on my main (Icepaw) and making friends with the flying blue Scientologists. Half the time spent was me saying ‘y’all do realize you’re in a cult?’ to every other line of dialog. It’s a useful cult, don’t get me wrong, but still.

I also got my Ally main through BFA, so I’m hoping over to Shadowlands as soon as I finish enough of the storyline on my Horde main that I can skip running it again. I want to unlock all the Ally druids, so at some point I need to check off the boxes for the Kul Tiran.

I did my very first Torghast run with Icepaw and it was a lot easier as a Boomkin than I’d been fearing. Of course I’m just doing the first floor, but it was still nice.

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