Circle Bird – Black on Red

Bird Circles 001 - Martha Bechtel - Gallery Image

Circle birds were a one-time whimsy that are not properly numbered or signed. I had picked up some laser-cut pressed paper embellishments from Michael’s to play around with– and ended up with these guys!

I painted a bunch of thin layers of watered-down wood glue to stiffen the paper birds, painted everything, and then glued them to the wooden circles. Then lots and lots of sealer.

These were actually really a pain to paint because of all the tiny cutouts, even though I did the birds before I glued them to the circles. Still, it was a fun experiment, but I doubt I’ll try it again.

Medium: Liquitex White Gesso, Ceramcoat (2604 Metallic 14K Gold), FolkArt Acrylics (2901 Apple Red), and Apple Barrel Acrylics (20504 Black).

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