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World of Warcraft - New Alts
To Horde or not to Horde, that is the question…

So… many moons ago I regularly played World of Warcaft while walking on my treadmill. In the years since I’ve made small attempts at getting back in the habit, but nothing that’s stuck.

Well, it’s a new expansion and a new year (almost) and I feel like trying again! ๐Ÿ˜‚

(To be fair, all I’m doing today is looking over my alts and making a plan of attack…)

The Goals

Treadmill Computer setup

I want to be walking for one hour a weekday and working on ditzing around and leveling alts. My silly goal is to have one of every druid race leveled and the random odds and ends.

Unlike my last attempt, which was focused on dual-boxing, this is going to be a more leisurely stroll into the less stressful side of things. So expect ramblings on pet battles and gathering and crafting and the joys of taking things slow!

And also min-maxing keybinds and rotations that work best while walking– for obvious reasons. ๐Ÿคฃ

The Alts

My Alliance and Horde mains are on two different servers, and I’ve got a small handful of alts already created on both. Nothing leveled up much, but it does mean that Chromie time is going to be an interesting headache for those half-way up.

My Horde main is already in the Shadowlands, my Ally main hasn’t quite finished up BFA yet. I never really played through the previous two expansions, so I’ve got a lot of ‘new to me’ stuff to cover.

Since my old main was Ally and I did a bit of speed leveling with the Horde– there’s a lot of Horde storylines I missed out on in the old expansions. I think I’m going to start with a Horde and Legion (since I’ve rerun that one the least).

(I really want to go all the way back do The Burning Crusade with Horde, but at an estimated 24 hours to hit level 60 vs 14… I’m going to start with the easy mode. ๐Ÿ˜‚)

World of Warcraft - Highmountain Resto Druid - Featherpaw - Level 10

So, first Alt up on the leveling block– Featherpaw! (The Highmountain Resto druid.) She’s the one I took through the new starting area and is ready to head into Chromie time with no issues.

I have a bunch of other alts that are all starting from various ‘already in progress’ places, so I want a simple one to start. I’ll have to find out if I can get into Chromie-time from non-Chromie toons… Hmm.

(And yes, they are all named THINGpaw, except for the hunter, who’s named Ty.) ((Because I could.))

Starting from Scratch

The treadmill computer hasn’t played WoW in a looooong while, so I’ve gone ahead and thrown out all of the addons for now. As I need them I’ll go back and add them in.

The default layout looks weird, yo.

My gaming mouse also doesn’t get here until tomorrow, so I’ll be at a bit of a disadvantage until then. Turns out I had a million things to download on the treadmill computer, so it wasn’t ready in time to play today regardless.

Tomorrow it is!


World of Warcraft - Featherpaw hanging out in Dalaran

I logged in on my non-treadmill computer to see what I’d need and to get Feather started on the storyline. (I am an impatient soul!)

I gave up and added Pawn almost immediately and then SexyMap because I missed my Simple Square. I’m holding out on setting up anything else until I get the mouse tomorrow and I’m on the treadmill proper.

Normally I use Bartender, TidyPlates, WeakAuras, Auctionator, Healbot, etc… but these are alts, so I’m taking it slow.

And yeah, with a healer doing leveling not really running dungeons… reeeeeaaaaaally slow. ๐Ÿคฃ


I’ve already got leatherworking, skinning, herbalism, and alchemy, so I picked up tailoring and skinning. They aren’t the best match for a resto druid, but… eh.

Fun > Minmaxing for these alts!

I always try and take one gathering profession and skinning things is way less stressful than fighting over herbs or ores. I may end up respeccing into something less money-oriented once all the alts are higher levels.

Goals This Week

I want to figure out a walking time that works well for me and see how much walking I can actually do right now. I’ve spent the pandemic in a chair coding (or writing, or painting, or gaming) so I’m a smidge out of shape.

So no achievement goals or leveling goals or anything. Those will come later.

Since Feather is all set up and ready to go, that’s all for me today. Time to layout my walking gear on the treadmill and get ready to make some miles… ONWARDS! ๐Ÿ˜

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