The Yearly Books are back!

Saturday Story Prompts Yearly Collection - 2014 - Book 5 - Twitter

I’m very slowly going through the old yearly collection of the Saturday Story Prompts and re-releasing them on Amazon.

I started with Book 5 (2014) because it was the easiest of the lot– I had already done some work on it at the beginning of the year (before the pandemic and all of the other craziness had kicked in for realz). It still needed a bit of tweaking to match the current themed collections, but nothing major.

Books 2 (2011), 3 (2012), and 4 (2013) quickly followed, but Book 6 is having weird formatting issues, Book 1 is way too short and needs a full overhaul, and books 7-10 were never actually compiled (whoops!).

Yearly Saturday Story Prompt Collections - Books 2-5
Color themes, away! (…Note:I have never claimed to be a good cover designer.)

I’m am still fighting with some minor formatting artifacts in the republished books, where the font goes a little sideways for no reason I can figure out. Nothing as bad as Book 6, so I figured readers would forgive the oddness.

Google Docs and their epub don’t play as well with Kindle as I’d hoped. I’m planning on starting a completely new document and copying things into it as plain text to chase out the demons (wish me luck!).

I don’t think I’ll get more that one or two of the remaining books done this year, but they are definitely on the slate for first quarter next year! 😁

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