Saturday Story Prompts [2020.09.05]

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1. Fast-moving branches of flame spread out from the lightning strike, hopping over bare dirt and rock as the wind shifts.

2. He came from a long line of seers, generations of temple souls all blinded by visions of what was yet to come– but for him, the future has always been dark.

3. The answer hovers on the edge of maybe-yes tinged with the golden yellows of approval. If they squint, the shades of purple worry and pale pink embarrassment almost fade away to nothing.

4. “I thought—” she trailed off, unsure how to finish.

The dragon looked down at her for a long moment, then with a sigh of grinding stone, it handed back her gun. “These weapons do not belong in space,” it growled. “You endanger us all in a place where we already must beg to live.”

5. Every year his Father’s butterflies return and he watches his memories take wing.


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Every year his Father's butterflies return and he watches his memories take wing. Saturday Story Prompt. September 5, 2020
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