Live From the Imperfect Workbench

Live From the Workbench 08 27 2020

2020 is going to be (has been?) the Year of Imperfect Beginnings!

Since the last update, I’ve been having a fun time wading into getting my new website store set up and trying to organize my workspace. I’m slowly losing my death-grip on the idea that everything has to be perfect before I can move forward– and that means I’m finally getting stuff done. 😂

I have been unable to locate the two tupperware containers of sand that I use for the model horse bases, so those have been put on hold for the moment.

Found Box of Old Artwork Magnets

I did stumble across a box of old friends during the search– I had thought these guys were permanently lost since I hadn’t seen them since 2015!

Which really just reinforces the fact that I need to store my art in a much more coherent fashion. 😅

As I’ve been listing the finished magnets to the store (the Fat Unicorns are all up) I’ve been bagging them and putting them away. This has been nice, because it lets me get a proper inventory, but it also reminds me of how much fun I’ve had painting them all!

The move to Gutenberg block a while ago broke all of my old WordPress blog posts, so I’m also update those (and the art galleries) as I post things to the store. This means the Model Horse gallery is going to come back out hiding soon, although it’s going to be sparsely populated until I get things fixed.

So much to do and so little days left in 2020 to get it done!

Resin Magnet Group

One of my other ‘want to do’s is to get proper molds made for all my other Fat Animal magnets. But I’m putting that aside for now until I get all the finished artwork into the shop.

I’m crazy behind on sales this year (hopefully because I haven’t tried to sell anything) so I’m heading out to find some folks in need of whimsy on MH$P, Facebook, and Instagram.

On the workbench, I currently have lots of magnets, model horses, and other odds and ends. I have no idea what order things are going to get done in, but there should be some new (and less perfectly) photographed art coming soon! 😁

Draft Plaster Horse Head Magnets

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