Saturday Story Prompts [2020.08.29]

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1. Someday I’ll be able to afford to fly business-class dragon.

2. “Consider it a free life lesson, kid,” he laughed as the truck started up again. “Get paid before the job, or never.”

3. Clotho visited earth more frequently than her sisters, who’d grown tired of the incessant chatter of humanity. She insisted it was to get a better feel for the sorts of lives her threads would feed, but if she was honest it was mostly for the movies.

4. The town is worn-out, faded and crumbling at the edges, but it’s still home.

5. His gear’s the sort of worn that only edge-runners get, interwoven with custom fabricated patches and hints of alien materials.


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The town is worn-out, faded and crumbling at the edges, but it's still home. Saturday Story Prompt. August 29, 2020
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