Saturday Story Prompts [2020.08.15]

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1. Demons run along the wires, whispering secrets of the time before.

2. When he asked, “Are you sure?” she could feel all the other questions hidden between the words.

3. The scavenged power armor is barely mobile, minimal power means they’re heavy and hard to walk in, but without the metal shells, we’d be devoured in seconds.

4. He’d sworn off dating decades ago when the gulf between his new life and his old became too much to overcome. He still fell in love with the same sorts of people, but he’d learned the hard way that now they couldn’t love him back.

5. The knife’s edge is dull and the blade’s pitted from the centuries entombed in the river mud.


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When he asked, "Are you sure?" she could feel all the other questions hidden between the words. Saturday Story Prompt. August 15, 2020
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