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I’m slowly getting back into my creative ruts, but I have a feeling things will be a bit cyclical for a while yet.

But I’m all about the little bits now, so that’s okay.

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I’ve been pretty good about the VSS365 (Very Short Stories 365) responses since last update. The theme for August is apparently math-related, so it’s been fun playing around with the plot bunnies! ?

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On the SSP front, most of my work has been updating the older posts.

I’ve been chewing away at them so long I’ve forgotten where I started. So here are the current numbers and I’ll start counting again from here:

  • 22 new posts to be written for 2020
  • 189 old posts that need their formatting checked
  • 227 old posts that need images
31 Days of Memory - Saturday Story Prompts - Martha Bechtel - Instagram

I did finally get 31 Days of Memory done, so that’s one SSP ebook collection down and… a bunch more to go!

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I finally got Chapter 4 wrapped up and posted (yay!). But I ended up splitting out part of what I’d written into Chapter 5, because of a discussion on the NaNo forums.

I realized there’s a lot more worldbuilding I need to go with the Agency and Control work. Heck, there’s just a lot of worldbuilding I need to do in general– so time for a flashback/side-story or twelve! ?

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NaNoWriMo 2020

I’ve finally decided on what my NaNo will be for this year and I’m going the rebel route for a change. I’m still going to be aiming for 50k words by the end of November, but it’s going to be computer game prose.

I started a project called GetPut Adventures roughly two years ago as I was starting to learn Java and I have a hankering to finish it off. The main game engine is should be finished by November, so all it will need is a story!

So from now until November 1st, I’ll be working on perfecting the game engine and outlining the story. In November, I’ll be writing the prose that goes with the story and uploading it to the working game– slowly unlocking the story as it gets filled in.

The bonus for this will be that I will then have a game engine that I can write more stories for!

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