Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero

I’ve been putting off trying to get back to a sane inbox for a while now because I didn’t want to ‘lose’ the email lists I was signed up for.

Lists whose emails I’ve been archiving or deleting unread sometimes for years.

So I went ahead and archived everything in my Gmail for every tab except for Primary. (My hoarding brain was oddly happy with this since they weren’t deleted… even though I plan on deleting them later).

The next step is to look at each email as it comes in and unsubscribe (or keep) and document it here. Thus I won’t worry about losing track of something I really did want.

So this is my starting list and I expect it will continue to grow as the year rolls on! ?

Mailing lists I unsubscribed from

Things I’m Keeping

  • Humble Bundle – it’s a good cause and easy to delete if I don’t like what they have in the bundle
  • Steve Kamb – Nerd Fitness for always! ?
  • Michaels – There is no way I’m giving away my coupons! Cooooooouuuupons!

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