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Good intentions don’t always translate well to checked boxes on my To-do list, but I’m happy to report that some writing has gotten done since the last update!

Sadly, not the writing I had been planning on doing, but oh well.

Bitter Mint and Chocolate - Twitter

This story is currently stalled out in brainstorming-a-proper-plot for the first ‘episode’. I’ve got a good grasp on where I want the overall arc of the story to go, but I’m not sure what sort of Big-little Bad to use.

I need a decent mini-villain/plot that will help establish the universe, but I keep coming up with things that are much too large for a pilot episode.

The nice bit is that the characters are rapidly evolving from their fan casting roots, so the serial numbers should be well and truly filed off by the time it’s over.

So it’s on the back burner for a moment.

500 Words - Cover - Small Image

I finally got around to putting up a proper collection page for the 500 Words stories!

Now the stories will appear in the correct genre pages as well as altogether here. I figure it’s a bit easier that just using the Story tag.

I also wrote a new entry, Bargains based on this r/WritingPrompts post. It was nice to have a plot bunny to chase, so I’m going to keep an eye on that subreddit and see if anything else sparks their interest.

Camp 2020 Writer Web Badge Square

It looks like the second yearly Camp event will now be in July instead of June, per the NaNoWriMo website, so I’ve got a little longer to get my mind back in gear. I’ve lost a bunch of the Camp NaNo events and I’d like to break that streak this year if I can.

I’ve decided to do a personal faux-NaNo event in June and do a little bit of writing every day and post updates once a week. I figure it’s a good way to get back in the habit (as well as get these posts back on track).

So a’hopping we will go!?

HOP ebook cover - Blog small

Saturday Story Prompts & eBooks

Progress on updating the old posts is going well, but I haven’t made much of a dent in the new eBook collections.

Since breaking the archive project into small bits for motivation seems to be working, I’m going to try the same thing with the eBooks. I need 31 prompts for each book, so I figure if I write one prompt a day for each theme then at the end of June I’ll have them all done! ?

I’ve also got my SSP posts for Instagram and Twitter planned out for June, so I should be slowly becoming social again. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

Tiny Goals

My next step is to sit down and create all of the posts that I’ll need for June. That way all of the fiddly formatting stuff will be done and I won’t have an excuse to chase the wrong rabbits.

Next, I’m going to set up a Writing Zone that I can go sit in to write. The pandemic is still pandemic’ing, so that rules out Paneras (which is my normal writing habitat).

I’m not going to plan anything specific beyond ‘I’ll be writing stuff’ because I want to ease into this. Committing myself to a specific story last time just seem to guarantee I got stuck. ?

Anywho, fair winds and following seas to all!

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