Saturday Story Prompts [2020.03.07]

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1. “I thought you were kidding about the mold.” She grumpily inspected her decaying boots and debated trying to patch them as best she could before the fire died.

2. Sand spills from between the tree roots as the cliff begins to slowly drain into the sea.

3. It’s common knowledge across the universe that magic and science don’t get along… until we stumble across a planet who’d never assumed. Magic apparently is willing to obey whatever laws you think it should and it causes Fleet scientists no end of headaches.

4. They carve the warning into wood and stone and steel. From signposts to mountain carvings with letters fifty men high, in the hopes we’ll see. But time grinds all their messages to dust, save one.

5. As she grows up the ghost follows her from mirror to mirror, always moving closer.


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As she grows up the ghost follows her from mirror to mirror, always moving closer. Saturday Story Prompt. March 7, 2020
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