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This is the first update of 2020… which I mean to post last month. I had this whole weekly schedule laid out and everything. 🤦‍♀️

Anywho. I made a lot of plans in December and early January on all the Awesome Things I was going to accomplish this year. Now that it’s February, I’ve trimmed those plans back down to something relatively sane.

January’s Goals (and results)

Even though I didn’t get quite as much done as YesterdaySelf thought I could, I did get quite a bit finished last month. I’ve trimmed the list down to match so that it doesn’t look quite so dire.


  • Post the weekly Saturday Story Prompts (4) – Done!
  • Create a 31 Days of free ebook for the mailing listDone! (Death)

These are the only two things must get done each month and the only things I am committing to for the rest of the year. All the rest of my goals have been downgraded to ‘Nice-to-do’s’ and I refuse to stress over them.


February’s Goals

I’m stretching a little bit for this month, mostly on the social side of things. I’ve been turtle’ing a lot this winter and I’m trying to shake the habit.

  • Post the weekly Saturday Story Prompts (5)
  • Create a 31 Days of free ebook for the mailing list
  • Work on updating all 44 of the February SSP posts in the archive
  • Continue the rewrite of Too Old for Neverland
  • Participate in the #vss365 daily prompts
  • Participate in #WriteAndWine on Fridays
  • Participate in the Under the Willow discussions
  • Work on social media sharing for writing
  • Post a writing desk update at least twice

If all goes well, for March I’ll be able to add Scribophile back into the mix and start getting (and giving) beta-reader feedback on things…

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