Saturday Story Prompts [2020.02.22]

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1. Patrick was an imaginary dragon so he was obviously an imaginary color, she never quite understood how adults couldn’t follow that logic.

2. Seven Temples is named for the shrines that cluster in the center of what used to be a fairy ring. Over the years walls of greenery have been carefully coaxed up in widening rings around them, turning it into a cathedral of light and shadows.

3. “Right, so how do I get him to notice me?” She frowned at her closet. “I have to stand out, so do I dress up? Dress down? Pick a single unusual accent piece or a whole outfit?”

“I have no idea,” her friend grumped. “I’m not even sure why you’re bothering to ask me. I have the fashion sense of a blind hamster and my legion of imaginary boyfriends like me just the way I am.”

4. You can scrub away blood and gunpowder residue, but the magic of death lingers forever.

5. Virtual parks are at the heart of every ship, full of digital sunshine and wide-open spaces, to keep us from remembering how trapped we really are.


You can scrub away blood and gunpowder residue, but the magic of death lingers forever. Saturday Story Prompt. February 22, 2020
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