Saturday Story Prompts [2020.02.15]

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1. Top hats come and go in fashion, but there’s no better place to hide tools and he clings to it throughout the seasons.

2. Humans aren’t the first non-telepathic species welcomed into the Covenant and the government already has a plan in place. It’s still hard not to think about purple elephants when people stare, but at least with the broadcast dampeners, no one else has to hear you.

3. I knew when an animal familiar died, it was reborn in a new body and strove to find its wizard again… but no one told me the arrangement worked both ways.

4. She paused at the entrance to the transport ship and looked over her charges. “You’ve heard it a thousand times in training, but this is the last time you’ll hear it for the next year: Don’t. Speak. Our voices can kill up here, so not even a whisper or you’ll be charged with attempted murder. Got that?”

There was a flurry of silent nods.

5. The music lies still on the paper, harmless, silent, but in his head, a symphony unfolds.


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The music lies still on the paper, harmless, silent, but in his head, a symphony unfolds.  Saturday Story Prompt. February 15, 2020
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