Saturday Story Prompts [2020.02.08]

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1. He sends the last of his stored magic through the mail, wrapped in layers of tinfoil and muslin to hide the scent.

2. There were some threads Atropos refused to cut.

3. “There’s nothing quite like hearing ‘expected mortality rate undetermined’ to cheer you up,” she said with a sigh and went back to get the landing team more firepower.

4. I wasn’t used to the flatlands and their endless horizons yet and it was creepy in ways I couldn’t quite put words to. My hometown was all well-forested hills– you were lucky if you could see around the next bend in the road, much less fifty miles.

5. He plugs into the ship’s mainframe, wincing at the rough connection. The computer was never meant to interface directly, but those subsystems are all scrap and dust.


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There were some threads Atropos refused to cut. Saturday Story Prompt. February 8, 2020
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