Wooden Butterfly #2

Wooden Butterfly Magnet 002 - Yellow Rainbow - Front - Martha Bechtel

This bright little rainbow was one of three butterflies painted in July of 2017 as an experiment with my new paint pens!

After the faux-stained glass of butterfly #1, I channeled my inner kid and went for the rainbow. Once again I started with an acrylic basecoat and added dots on top.

It was fun seeing the different sizes and flows of the pens!

Finished with Liquitex Gloss sealer, this butterfly had two strips of flat magnet on the back and plenty of holding power.

This was one of the very first ‘series’ magnets and at the beginning, I painted on the initials and numbering spots. Swapping to the stickers saved me a lot of time with later generations! ๐Ÿ˜

Wooden Butterfly Magnet 002 - Yellow Rainbow - Back - Martha Bechtel

Medium: Liquitex White Gesso, Apple Barrel Acrylics (20513 Bright Yellow), and CraftSmart paint pens (Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Gold).

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Martha Bechtel

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