Saturday Story Prompts [2020.01.11]

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1. No one is left to watch the world burn.

2. “If you don’t like your card, just pick a new one.” His younger sister had grabbed the tarot deck before he could stop her and was flipping through the cards.

3. The car refused to start and she was out of treats to bribe the demon into turning on. Any other day she would have just gone back to bed, but she’d been written up twice this year already and she couldn’t miss work again.

4. They fell into virtual love, held apart by the miles and timezones and dependant on binary recreations of self.

5. He was fourteen when he stood at the crossroads at midnight and bartered away three years of his life. He still didn’t know which years they’ll be, but his clothing is always clean, of exceptional quality, and perfectly tailored as soon as he puts it on.


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No one is left to watch the world burn. Saturday Story Prompt. January 11, 2020
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