Hindsight Planning and other 2020 Goals

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It’s a brand new year filled with a million 2020 puns, and I’m ready to rumble! ?

I’ve been waffling back and forth over a half-dozen different writing goals. After a long brainstorming session, notecards, colored markers, and Post-its abounded… and I realized I was way way overplanning.

So dialing things back a bit, here are my main Pie in the Sky goals for 2020:

  • Create another twelve 31 Days of ebooks and a compendium of last year’s ebooks.
  • Qualify for SWFA membership.
  • Publish at least one weekly updating serial story.

And here are my Also Do This goals:

  • Post 52 Saturday Story Prompts blog posts (must do)
  • Update 52 old Saturday Story Prompts blog posts
  • Post weekly updates to the blog on my progress
  • Organize my fiction archive for easy reading
  • Update my list of writing (what it is, where it’s posted, etc.)
  • Keep up with the Under the Willow forums
  • Participate in all three NaNoWriMo events

First Quarter Goals

I stumbled across the 85k90 event on Twitter and while I’m not officially participating, I’m embracing their overall setup. This means the first quarter of 2020 is going to be all about the rough drafts!

By the end of March, I want to have the completed draft (or final) version of

  • 6 of the 31 Days of prompt books for this year, plus the 2019 yearly compendium
  • 30,000 words of flash fiction
  • 12 ‘episodes’ of serial fiction

SWFA Membership

This one really is a moonshot since I haven’t had anything not self-published in years (decades!). But I won’t know unless I try, so I figure 2020 is a nice round number to kick things off! ?

Active Member Goal: Total of 10,000 published words at $0.08 or higher, minimum of $80 per payment (so 1k words)

I have no idea what the ratio of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ will be in my writing, so let’s be overly optimistic and say 30% of what I write can be published. Thus I need to write at least 30 pieces of flash fiction this year. Yikes!

My focus for the first quarter will be to organize and finish a bunch of existing pieces. I’m not sure how long the process will take, but I’d like to try and start submissions as soon as possible so I can collect some rejections and improve!

Serial Stories

By the end of 2020, I want to be publishing at least one story on a weekly basis. This is going to be a rough-draft story, nothing polished or fancy, and the plan is to start out with MuseFics until I get my bearings.

Since I want to draw in readership, I need to make sure I have a solid weekly schedule before I start posting to Wattpad or Reddit Serials. I figure I will post to the blog for the first quarter, then start reposting the content elsewhere.

That way I’ll have a buffer of posts built up (and possibly a complete serial) and I won’t have to worry about running out of content!


With that said, it’s time to introduce my plans to the real world… and see how quickly they need amending! ?

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