Fat Unicorn #6

Fat Unicorn Magnet 006 Bay Silver - Front - Martha Bechtel

My favorite kinds of unicorns are the ones that look like normal horses with just a hint of fantasy.

It was always fun to imagine the horses at my riding stables were undercover unicorns, waiting for the Chosen One to arrive so they could begin their epic quest to save the world!

This top-secret little Fat Unicorn is painted a solid bay with a silver horn, and black mane, tail, and hooves.

He was part of the unicorn herd explosion that I painted in September of 2019 for that year’s UCP craft fair. I was having a blast dunking them in the various metallics and this little guy came out the closest to a ‘traditional’ unicorn.

You can tell by his mostly painted back that he was after I had decided that the offsides weren’t as important, but well before my true ‘eh, phooey on it’ phase.

He was cast using the magnet leveling jig and has a slightly raised magnet and a nice flat back.

Fat Unicorn Magnet 006 Bay Silver - Back - Martha Bechtel

Medium: Liquitex White Gesso, FolkArt Acrylics (944 Nutmeg), and Apple Barrel Acrylics (20504 Black, 20762 Pure Silver).

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Martha Bechtel

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