Saturday Story Prompts [2019.12.07]

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1. There’s a small tattoo of a mockingbird below her ear that sings to her of danger.

2. Fire in space is never a good thing, but even with the fresh terror that flames induce, he finds he misses campfire and candles.

3. It was the sort of choice that decided a person’s destiny, an epic crossroads that demanded the proper respect. Sadly he was already three sheets to the wind and pretty sure that he wouldn’t remember any of this when he woke up again.

4. There’s something massive shadowing the boat again, but they only glimpse the faint outline of fins edged with blue phosphorescence before it’s gone.

5. I have mending magic that repairs torn cloth or broken circuit boards with the flick of my fingers. It’s not the most impressive talent, but it’s infinitely more useful than something flamboyant like shape-shifting.


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There’s a small tattoo of a mockingbird below her ear that sings to her of danger. Saturday Story Prompt. December 7, 2019
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